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Every parent, whether divorced or never married to the child’s other parent, owes his or her child financial support. This is expected and established under Arizona family law. The purpose of this support is to secure a positive standard of living for children consistent with their reasonable needs and the ability of the parents to pay. This support is not a means for punishing or exercising one’s control over a parent. It is for the child’s benefit and, when viewed this way, can make this issue less contentious.

At kdlaw P.C., we bring outstanding legal expertise to child support cases, whether they involve the initial calculation and setting up of support payments, modifications of support payments based on substantial changes in circumstances, or the enforcement of payments when a parent has become delinquent. This matter is also associated with paternity actions where the parenthood of a father needs to be established so as to legally authorize support obligations. Whatever type of child support issue you face, you can work with a firm led by a Certified Family Law Specialist who brings unparalleled expertise to your case.

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How Child Support is Determined in Arizona

Arizona uses the income shares model to determine child support which follows the theory that the child(ren) should be entitled to the same level of expenditures that the child(ren) would have received had the parents lived together and combined their incomes. This theory is put into practice under Arizona’s state guidelines that create a formula for the calculation of child support. This formula takes into consideration various factors.

These factors include:

  • Parental incomes.
  • Whether you are paying support for other children and/or for spousal maintenance.
  • Whether health insurance is provided and its cost for covering the child(ren).
  • Childcare costs. This generally pertains to younger children.
  • Education. Expenses in terms of tuition and schools fees may be included in the calculation, depending on your circumstances.
  • Special needs. A child with special needs in terms of health or education can impact this issue.
  • Parenting time. How much or how little time you spend with a child can affect payment obligations. The more time your child(ren) spend with you, the less you may be obligated to pay.
  • Child(ren)’s ages. Depending on the circumstances, a child’s age may result in extra expense.

How Far Behind in Child Support Before You Go to Jail in Arizona?

Once the owing parent in Arizona is 30 days behind in child support payments, the custodial parent may file a contempt petition. The parent who owes will be required to appear in family court, and if failed, they will likely be found in contempt and may see jail time and/or fines.

In Arizona, child support generally lasts until the child turns 18 or graduates from high school.

Deviations from child support calculated amounts may be allowed by the court in cases where it is deemed that amount is unjust or inappropriate and where the deviation still supports the child’s best interests.

Bring Your Case to an Experienced Scottsdale Child Support Attorney

The issue of child support can be a complicated one, depending on your circumstances. Our firm is well-versed in Arizona’s child support laws and has ample experience with complex support cases. We can help you determine a fair and just child support obligation and present your case for resolution in settlement proceedings or in court. kdlaw P.C. is dedicated to providing you with professional excellence and personalized client service.

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